Beauty Shield Aqua Fast No. 811
(บิวตี้ชิลด์ อะควาฟาสต์ ไพรเมอร์)


A premium quality of water based primer to give an excellent efficacy to be priming on new and old concrete surfaces.

• Very quick step of new concrete application after curing for 2-3 days to move forward from priming to 
top coating. No need to keep wating until fully cured in 30 days.
• Old concrete surface or skim coat are also able to be applied.
• Good penetration with off-white finish. Quick dry. Protect surface against alkali and efforescence.
• Easy to use, odourless and environmentally friendly.
• Can be used for Exterior & Interior.




3.785 / 9.460 Litres


  • Fast Primer

  • Protect Fungal & Algae.

  • No Added Mercury & Lead.

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