BEAUTYMAX Pro Cover No. 1400
(บิวตี้แม็กซ์ สีรองพื้นปูน ทูอินวัน โปร คัฟเวอร์)


BEAUTYMAX Pro Cover 1400, a super primer under special formulation from super acrylic resin. More advantage as 2 in 1 primer for using to apply on new concrete and also previous coating surfaces.

• Deep penetration and quick dry with off-white colour finish. 
• Good protection against alkalinity and efflorescence. 
• Keep an enhancement with excellent adhesion to the subsequent coating.
• Protection against fungal and algae growth.
• No lead and mercury compounds. Environmentally friendly.
• Great for exterior and interior.




3.785 / 9.460 / 18.925 Litres


  • มอก. 1123-2555 สีรองพื้นสำหรับงานปูน

  • Super NanoMax

  • 2in1 Primer

  • Pro Cover

  • Protect Fungal & Algae.

  • No Added Mercury & Lead.

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