U-90 E-LastikWrap Spray (Peelable Paint) (สีสเปรย์ อิลาสติกแรพ ยู-90 (ชนิดลอกได้))


• A dazzling colour peelable paint wrapping spray that is wildly used in decoration and protection on surface against moisture.
• Flexible and elastic film, simply to peel off to replace with new colour.
• Good for various surfaces e.g. metal, glass, mag wheel, auto, etc.
• Surface preparation is strongly recommended to make a spray film is easy to peel off. 
  • Make sure the surface is smooth and clean, no contamination.
  • Priming with clear gloss spray # U10 or clear matt spray # U11 for 1-2 coats.
  • Top coating with U-90 E-LastikWrap Spray in desirable colour for 2-3 coats.




270 grams



  • Ozone Friendly. (Non-CFC)

  • No Added Mercury & Lead.

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